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Vintage Barberunit One

Discover our vintage barberunits. A weathered, yet refined, look that will make your barbershop stand out

Vintage Barberunit Small

Beautiful vintage mirrors are the perfect addition to a barberunit!


Vintage Furniture Line

Often out of sight but never out of style, our vintage product line aims give your barber shop that vintage feel people from all over the world cherish. Our items have the weathered look of beautiful, vintage barber furniture while still retaining the level of quality and craftsmanship our brand is known for. With a high degree of customizability our line of vintage barber furniture is sure to make your shop unique among those of your competitors.

We currently offer classic barber chairs, display cabinets, counters and barbersets, all proudly handcrafted from reclaimed, high-quality materials. This set features beautiful mango wood with a vintage brown finish and the characteristic white and green marble elevation pieces that make old school barber furniture so enchanting. Carefully crafted to give your shop the look it deserves, these furniture pieces are timeless!

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