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Everything you need to know regarding Delivery, Payments and Warranty

The ordering process


Ordering products

The placement of an order can be done online through email or in the showroom in Roosendaal. Preceding the order customers can request a quotation which will be sent through email. The final order will be placed after the authorization of the quotation.

After the order has been finalized the customer will get an affirmation through email within 24 hours. If the affirmation was not received please contact us through our email address.


Delivery time

An article which is in stock will be delivered within two weeks and installed, if this was requested. For articles which are not in stock we use a delivery time of 8 weeks at most. If products are ordered from the showroom the customer will immediately be notified of stock and delivery time. For orders which are submitted through email a status update will be given within 24 hours. If a status update is needed urgently customers can always contact the showroom in Roosendaal.


Picking up deliveries from our warehouse in Amstelveen

Products can also be picked up from our warehouse in Amstelveen. We advice having a delivery service deliver the products (and installing them) due to the weight and size of the products.




Payment prior and after delivery

When ordering products we ask a deposit of 50%. The remaining amount is to be paid in full by the date of delivery. The remaining amount can be paid in cash on delivery or by bank transfer prior to the delivery. When the remaining amount is paid through a bank transfer this should be done at least one day prior to the delivery.


Payment methods

Customers will always receive a quotation before an order is processed. Using this quotation customers can perform a bank transfer. If the order is made in the showroom the customer can pay the deposit in cash.

The remaining amount can be paid through the following payment methods:


  • Prior to delivery: in cash at the showroom in Roosendaal or by bank transfer.
  • On the day of delivery: in cash.


Delivery costs in The Netherlands

Delivery within The Netherlands depends on the distance between our warehouse in Amstelveen and the place of delivery. Costs are calculated using the kilometer price of  €0,35 for the complete trip. We calculate the trip from the first flip to the 1st threshold.




Delivery time

An article which is in stock will be delivered within two weeks. For articles which are not in stock we use a delivery time of 8 weeks at most. After we receive the order we notify the customer of the delivery date within 24 hours.


Delivery including installation

If it is requested the furniture will be installed on location. The installation tarif is € 295,- per daypart and for two dayparts we charge € 495,-. Depending on the amount of furniture to be installed we calculate the final tarif. ALl furniture will be installed with care and package material will be properly disposed of.


Delivery arrangement (and installation)

Our delivery service will contact you by phone to arrange a date and time for delivery and/or installation. The arranged date for delivery/installation will be confirmed by email.




Warranty period

Our products have a warranty period of three months after the delivery and/or installation.


What is not included in the warranty

The warranty does not include rings in the marble or scratches on the mirrors due to uncareful cleaning or aggressive cleaning materials. Wear and tear which is considered normal for the type of product such as deformation to the woodwork, mirrors or marble is also not included.

for color, grain and structural differences we can no longer accept liability after the 14 day grace period due to our articles consisting of 100% massive nature products that are handmade and can display unique properties.

Our articles are created from massive pieces of wood from diverse types of wood which are dried and processed. Despite the care which this process is given there is a possibility that the furniture will develop hairline fractures due to change of climate. We can not accept liability in these events.


Liability during transport and installation

The products are thoroughly inspected prior to transit and expertly installed. We can only accept liability when we deliver and install the furniture ourselves, transport and installation which the customer conducts is at their own risk.


Alteration and cancelling


Alteration of an order

An order can be altered through email or telephone at least 7 days before the delivery date.


Cancelation of an order

As long as the delivery of an order has not yet gone out we are obliged by law to allow cancelling without any added costs.

Exemptions from cancelling without added costs are project assignments made for customers as ordered by us. project assignments are always accompanied by a project quotation that contains specific appointments.


Return policy


Returning delivered items

All of our products have a grace period of 14 workdays. In this period customers are allowed to return our products by sending them to us or having them be picked up by us. If customers want to make use of this they have to let us know by email or telephone. Products will have to be returned undamaged in their original packaging.

Customers will have to pay for return transit fees themselves. Returned products will be inspected for damages. In the case of damaged products a fee will have to be discussed with the customer.

Exempt from this grace period are articles that are already installed. After we install a piece of furniture we will inspect the furniture together with the customer, any and all fault or damages will be rectified on the spot or within 24 hours.


Payment returned products

We will refund all payments, except delivery and return costs, within 14 days after we receive the products back.


Complaints and repairs


Complaints and product faults

A complaint or product fault should be reported to us as soon as possible after the delivery. Customers can notify us through email or over the telephone. We will contact customers within 24 hours after we have been notified.


Complaint handling.

We try our very best to make sure no complaints arise, however if one arises anyway we will try to resolve it as quick as possible with the customer. After a complaint has been received we may ask for additional photographic evidence to better ascertain the situation. The customer will always receive an affirmation of all appointments and rules to better come to a solution regarding the complaint. We will always try to fix the complaint or product fault on location, if this is not possible we will make a sure a replacement product is taken care of.

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